… and then comes marriage!

If you’re a loyal follower to this blog you’ll know that we got engaged while geocaching on the Burin Peninsula in September 2010.  In case you missed it, here’s the engagement story!

Fast forward one year later to the day we got married…

From the beginning of the wedding planning process we both knew that we wanted to find a way to incorporate geocaching into our big day. We had been geocaching almost as long as we had been dating, we’d met some really great friends on the trails, and I need not remind you about our engagement! It had to happen!

But how?

With me wearing a suit and tie and Kayla in a white wedding dress it was hardly the time to go searching around in dense tree cover and in our minds a park and grab simply would not suffice!

Around about this time we were also thinking about where we would go to get our pictures taken and surprisingly enough the geocaching piece started to fall into place…

We left the house early one day and drove around the city… Looking at this trail, sizing up that view point… all in an effort to find the prefect locations. I don’t know if we realized it at the time but the places we were going or suggesting to one another were places where we had previously hidden geocaches. It’s kind of funny how life works itself out sometimes!

One of the first places went to was Rennie’s Mill River Trail.  This place is special for a number of reasons… it’s one of our favorite walks in the city and the picture location we had decided on was very near Rubber Ducky’s Hideaway (GC13E6P), which is the first geocache that we ever hid!

We then moved onward towards the walking trails located behind the Johnson Geocentre.  We’ve hid three or four caches in the area and also attended/helped organized WWFM V- St. John’s Geo Flash Cache Event (GC1P6B0) which was held in the parking lot.

Next up we headed out towards Outer Cove, near Blue Peter Lookout (GC1Z6TN).  The cliffs and ocean views in this area are quite stunning.

Moving on down the road we headed to Middle Cove Beach, a place where we’ve spent a fair bit of time exploring, having campfires, and hiking.  It also provided us with the opportunity to access some of the East Coast Trail!

While hanging out at Middle Cove, we also found our Bridal Party… imagine that!

To top it all off we even had a geocaching event to celebrate! Our friends Pip ‘n’ Tif threw us an event where we made a 15 minute appearance, saw members of the geocaching community and captured a few photos. The event was called Gilligan and Maryjane Get Hitched (GC31VHH).

Our day was amazing! I know everyone always says that… But really and truly… From the weather, the personalized ceremony, being in the presence of our closest family and friends, the dancing, the laughing, the food… It was great!


We’d like to send an extra thank you out to some of our wedding vendors by way of this blog post! It’s been one year since we got married and we still continue to talk about how awesome you all are!  If any of you readers out there know anyone who is getting married, you could do no wrong in contacting any of the following people:

Darrel Sharpe – Wedding photographer extraordinaire and an all around great guy Website: www.darrellsharpe.com

Murray’s Pond Country Club – Lisa and her staff provided us with probably the highest level of service I’ve ever experience,  such a pleasure! Website: http://www.murrayspond.nf.ca/

Wedding Belles Decorating – Margaret made that room shine, just as we hoped she would! She was very professional, offered helpful tips, and did a fantastic job! Website: http://www.wedbelles.nl.ca/

Wendy’s Wedding Works – Wendy helped us make our ceremony our own and was even nice enough to marry us! Website: http://www.wendysweddingworks.com/

Sweet Love Bake Shoppe – Cupcakes that are to die for! Thanks to Joanne and Gary! Check them out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sweetlovebakeshoppe


To close out this blog post, here’s a few more photos from our special day!

15 thoughts on “… and then comes marriage!

  1. Denise

    Gotta say,Sounds like a Wedding where all you dreamed of and more came alive in many different aspects of your lives journey thus far. Pictures are beautiful and the way the Geocaching went from meeting eachother, an engagement to a marriage.just makes for an awesome Love Story. Love it!!!!

  2. Food Allergies Etcetera

    Great post!! It was a fun wedding! You forgot to mention though how lucky you were to have fantastic weather that day considering it was the summer of “Fogust” (not to mention “Junuary”)! Happy 1 year anniversary! :)

      1. Food Allergies Etcetera

        Thanks! I’m still getting use to the formatting of the blog posts (like the photo size/format looks good on my Mac but looks shagged up when I view it on Internet Explorer on my work computer), but other than that I’m finding blogging to be super fun! :)

  3. Stephanie Gavell

    Happy 1st Anniversary to two of our favourite people. The wedding was beautiful, the geocaching event was fun to host, and we continue to enjoy every minute we spend with you geocaching, eating, having fun!! Much love…

  4. legogirl

    hey happy anniversary! Wedding photos look fab, and what a great way of doing it. I know of a few couples who have got together via caching.
    A lovely happy ever caching story

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