Shave for the Brave 2013


When young adults get diagnosed with cancer, their careers, social lives, family and long term goals all get put on the back burner while they fight for their lives.   Even with the support of family and friends, often times there’s still a gap, an inability for those closest to them to truly understand the way these changes have impacted their lives…

Luckily, there is Young Adult Cancer Canada, a not-for-profit organization that operates around the principle that cancer is different when you’re a young adult.  Now in its twelfth year, Young Adult Cancer Canada has grown into a National organization that strives to empower young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer by offering support, information, skills and opportunity.

Each year, Young Adult Cancer Canada hosts a Shave for the Brave, a fundraising event wherein participants volunteer to shave their heads in an effort to raise money.  The money raised at this event is used by Young Adult Cancer Canada to provide information and support to the almost 7,000 young adults who are diagnosed with cancer every year in Canada.

Here’s where the story gets a little more personal…

In June 2011, one of my closest friends was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  After numerous appointments and test it was determined that he would start chemotherapy in November 2011.  In preparation for his treatment, he was forced to take a medical leave of absence from work.  Despite the three rounds of chemotherapy and their side effects, he still kept his spirits up and maintained his positive outlook on life and his focus on his road to recovery.

In an effort to show him support I participated in the 2012 Shave for the Brave and successfully raised just over $3,700 for Young Adult Cancer Canada.  By participating in this event I was also able to help ensure that other young adults diagnosed with cancer had a resource that they could turn to for support after receiving their diagnosis, while undergoing treatment, or even taking their first steps towards recovery.  This was an amazing experience, and truly a team effort!  Donations were received from friends, family and co-workers.


My buddy Steve (Cancer Survivor), myself (Shave Participant) and our friend Krista (Volunteer and Former Participant) at the Shave for the Brave in 2012.

In June 2012, that friend received an all clear from his doctor, meaning his chemotherapy treatment and surgeries were successful and he was once again cancer free.

It’s now February 2013… and a new Shave season is upon us!  My hair has grown back and that friend, Steven Corbett has fully recovered from his cancer treatments, meaning he too has a full head of hair.  To celebrate, we’ll both be participating in the YACC Shave for the Brave on April 13, 2013…

Last year, we made a Youtube video, got an article published on (, got interviewed by The Herald and had Pre-Shave Party to help raise donations…

Here is the youtube video that both me and Steve made with Young Adult Cancer Canada:

With so much success last year, we’re setting our sights high! What antics will we get up to this year to help us reach our goal?

By now you might be wondering, how can I help? Well you’ve got three options:

1. Donate!


Click here to donate!

To donate to this cause and support me, either click the button above or visit the following link:

To donate to this cause and support our team effort, visit the following link:

Your online donations are made over a secure connection and you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt when you give $20 or mo

Online donating not your style? Donations can also be made in person, just get in contact with me and we’ll coordinate a way to make it happen.

2. We’re already shaving our heads, so a donation is all we ask, but if you’re brave enough feel free to sign up for the event and join our Team!

To be a participant you will have to have your head shaved or donate at least 10 inches of braided hair.

 To sign up as part of our team, just visit the following link:

3. Spread the word about Young Adult Cancer Canada, the Shave for the Brave, and our donation links.

A simple like, share, retweet, or forwarded email can go a long way to helping us raise funds in support of this great cause!

For more information, check out and

Have a question contact one of our team members, email Young Adult Cancer Canada at or give them a call 1-877-571-7325.

Thank you for your generous support! Each donation, big or small, brings us one step closer to our goal and enhance the support that Young Adult Cancer Canada is able to provide to those effected by this terrible disease.

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